OKTETT rug 1965.
Bitten Højmark
EUR 34

The OKTETT rya rug, designed by Danish textile designer Bitten Højmark, was part of a uniform textile series called Linje Harmoni or Harmony Line. It was developed by Bitten along with the first textile purchaser at IKEA, Börje Lång.

Bitten Højmark was employed to take the overall approach to home textiles that Ingvar Kamprad had neither the time nor the skills for. Linje Harmoni was one aspect of this process. The series was described like this in the 1965 IKEA catalogue:

“The aim of Linje Harmoni is clear – to help our customers with the often difficult matter of choosing a colour scheme for the home interior. We present in this series a virtually tailor-made furnishing programme, which focuses not only on design but equally on quality of materials and manufacturing. We had the series developed with well-known Swedish producers.”

The work Bitten and Börje did together became the foundation of the home textiles range that made IKEA a popular venue for textile products in the decades that followed.