A number of stainless steel bathroom products for hanging things including toilet paper and towels.
Bathroom series
Mikael Warnhammar
EUR 17.90/12.90/4.90/6.90/12.90

GRUNDTAL is a series of products that make it possible to hang things up in rooms that can get hot and wet. For places like this, stainless steel is an excellent material. The series is designed by Mikael Warnhammar, who had designed several acclaimed kitchen series and products for IKEA since 1997.

After Mikael had developed his first kitchen for IKEA, the somewhat ground-breaking VÄRDE modular kitchen, he carried on working to improve functionality in the kitchen. He was inspired by restaurant kitchens, where everything has to have its own place. The products in GRUNDTAL, such as rails and hooks, were made specifically for kitchens, and were intended to keep kitchen equipment away from the worktop but always within easy reach.

GRUNDTAL first appeared in the IKEA catalogue in the 2000 edition. The first products in the series for bathrooms then appeared in the 2003 catalogue, such as towel rails and toilet paper holders. More bathroom products were added over time, and it is in this context the series is best known.

Still in 2021 there are a few GRUNDTAL products at IKEA, such as a laundry sack on castors and the classic S-shaped hooks, which can be combined with newer racks and rails.