Lamp that looks like a spherical dandelion clock about to be spread by the wind, IKEA PS MASKROS.
Pendant lamp
Marcus Arvonen
EUR 49

“Like a spherical dandelion clock, about to be spread by the wind. And when lit, the shadows on the wall make it look like that’s just what’s happening.” This is how designer Marcus Arvonen described his MASKROS pendant lamp, inspired by one of the most common plants in the Northern Hemisphere.

Most people regard the dandelion as a weed, but look closer and you’ll see the yellow flower has a unique beauty. One of Marcus Arvonen’s intentions with the lamp was that it should be just as decorative lit as unlit. When lit, it spreads fascinating patterns onto the walls and ceiling, and exciting things happen. According to Marcus: “Seeds are spread, the room dissolves and is transformed. Like when the sun shines through the trees. Quite simply, it puts you in a better mood. And it’s actually just as decorative and fascinating when it’s switched off.”

Apparently, MASKROS did put a lot of people in a good mood. It became very popular and remained in the IKEA catalogue for four years.

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