SKURAR plant pot 2011.
Plant pot
Ehlén Johansson
EUR 2,49

This plant pot with a finely detailed edge was part of the SKURAR series, launched at IKEA in 2011. It was designed by Ehlén Johansson, who has been designing products for IKEA since 1984. The SKURAR series originally included plant pots and noticeboards. Like the earlier products, it is made of finely cut, white-painted steel, inspired by traditional handicrafts and lace.

In her design for the SKURAR series, Ehlén wanted to bring a sense of warmth and romance to the home. “I was inspired by a range of objects: traditional handicrafts, bridal pieces like bridal crowns, and of course lace. There were going to be many different objects in the series, so you could choose individual pieces or combine several. SKURAR is made of steel with cut edges, so it looks like finely made lace.”

Ehlén Johansson works based on democratic design, which should be smart and functional also in production. “If the ideas don’t work in industrial practice, they’re not good enough!” she says.