Children's lamps, one wall lamp and one table lamp, in bright white, orange and blue, STOJA.
Children’s lighting
IKEA of Sweden
EUR 12/8.90

STOJA was a series of lamps for children, developed by IKEA to make the children’s room safer. All the lamps had a fixed perspex or acrylic guard which prevented children from touching the light bulb. The lamps had no sharp edges that could harm the child. If an accident did happen, the shades were made of shatterproof white plastic.

The lamps were made of beech and particleboard and were lacquered in red, yellow and blue, and were clearly inspired by the postmodern design of the Italian Memphis Group. The series included a desk lamp, ceiling lamp, pendant lamp, and two kinds of wall lamps. They entered the range in October 1987 and were launched in the 1989 catalogue. They remained in the catalogue for nine years. In the 1998 IKEA catalogue, a brand new range was launched under the header Children’s IKEA.