Rug with abstract pattern in grey, black and white.
Rya rug
Kerstin Svensson
EUR 31

In the early 1960s, textile artist Kerstin Svensson delivered a number of rya rug patterns for IKEA. The one in green shades was called SKOGSBRYNET, SUNSET was more red, and the FORTUNATA pattern was a mixture of brownish black, medium brown and beige. Of the three, SKOGSBRYNET was most popular. In a letter to Kerstin Svensson in 1961, Ingvar Kamprad wrote simply and directly that SKOGSBRYNET had sold “extremely well” while SUNSET had “sold poorly”. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the manufacturer, Salanders in Lund, which he thought made the rya rugs for IKEA far too slowly. Ingvar had recently been to the furniture fair in Milan, and had visited rug manufacturer Vittorio Vergani. He soon decided to move production of SKOGSBRYNET to the Italian supplier. Their product development was fast, and the move resulted in a first order for 500 rya rugs – a large order for IKEA in those days.

SKOGSBRYNET was in the IKEA catalogue in 1962 and 1963.