Simple green wooden bed with thick, round corner posts, ADAM.
Hjördis Ohlsson-Une/Charlotte Rude
EUR 26

The ADAM pine bed was aimed at a specific target group: bachelors. And there seemed to be a lot of them, as ADAM was certainly a big seller. This is how it was described in the catalogue: “The bachelor bed. This is what ADAM is all about. A large, green bed for conscious bachelors of both sexes, people with a feeling for and a demand on their living environment. A grand piece of furniture with thick, round corner posts. The word robust feels understated.”

The bed was designed by Charlotte Rude and Hjördis Olsson-Une, whose previous successes included the DINO highchair. Now they were targeting grown-up singles instead.

Some of the bachelors probably eventually ended up needing a double bed, and for them Hjördis and Charlotte designed EVA, which was launched as “A tempting, robust double bed” in the 1974 catalogue. ADAM and EVA both remained in the IKEA catalogue until the 1979 edition.