Simple black chair with rocking legs so one can lean back, IKEA PS ELLAN.
Chris Martin
EUR 39

When designer Chris Martin was at school, he was always getting told off for leaning back on his chair. This inspired him to create the ELLAN rocker, which was part of the IKEA PS 2005 collection. Chris said when the chair first came out:

“Maybe it’s the rebel in me that made me design a chair you can lean back on. But actually, it makes sense to integrate a function in a chair that’s already a part of human behaviour. I hope people appreciate it, and maybe lean back after a nice meal to think about new ways of being rebellious!”

IKEA PS ELLAN is also rebellious in its production. It’s the result of many years of experimenting with a mixture of sawdust and plastic. The result is a strong composite material with a warm, woody feel, that’s also readily recyclable. Using waste sawdust also brings the product’s price down. And as if that wasn’t enough, the chair can be put together using no tools.

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