Bright pink plastic table lamp with white cord, LAMPAN.
Table lamp
Magnus Elebäck/Carl Öjerstam
EUR 2.90

With LAMPAN, industrial designer Carl Öjerstam and designer Magnus Elebäck succeeded in creating a good table lamp at the best price on the market. Carl and Magnus had worked together back in the late 1990s, when they were involved in the second IKEA PS collection. They jointly came up with the idea of using the lamp shade as part of the packaging. When you turn the lamp base upside-down it fits perfectly inside the shade, which protects it during transport. This resource efficiency reduces the use of materials and also contributes to lower transport costs. Brilliant!

Carl Öjerstam, industrial designer and a graduate of the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, has worked at IKEA both as an employee and as a freelancer. He has also taught design both in Sweden and abroad. Since 2002 he has worked in his own company, Carl Design AB, which was founded in 1995. Magnus Elebäck, a graduate of Beckmans College of Design, worked with Stockholm Design Lab before taking on jobs for IKEA. In 2004 he founded the company Massproductions AB along with Chris Martin, who was also involved in IKEA PS.

LAMPAN was launched in the 2004 IKEA catalogue, and remained until the 2016 edition. Over the years it has been sold in a range of different colours and colour combinations. In 2021 LAMPAN is still sold at IKEA, and it has become something of a classic in the lighting range.

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