Small and light portable induction hob with simple navigation, TILLREDA.
Portable induction hob
Klara Petersén
EUR 39

This induction hob is so small and light, it can be taken and used everywhere. It can even be put away when not needed to free up worktop space. The TILLREDA portable induction hob arrived in 2016, with simple navigation and practical details, like the handle where the cable can also be rolled up. There are nine power settings on the display.

Designer Klara Petersén wanted to make a hob for modern kitchens, and said: “As the kitchen is changing, and it gradually moves into the living room where you use for example an iPad or a computer, it can blend in and be an electronic product. It doesn’t have to remain looking like a kitchen appliance. It can have a new appearance and I think we’re going to see this more and more. For me, it’s important that people quickly understand how a product should be used, and that design isn’t just for design’s sake, but has a distinct function.”

The hob is a good example of how design at IKEA is firmly anchored in research and insights. IKEA makes thousands of home visits every year, in cities all over the world. The need for a small, readily portable cooking hob is a sign of the times. More and more people live in compact homes, move more often and need flexible kitchen solutions. In this context, TILLREDA is the obvious response to an everyday problem that affects a lot of people.

TILLREDA won the prestigious Red Dot Award for design in 2016, with the comment: “TILLREDA charms with a distinct, modern design and well-considered design solutions, making it a highly useful mobile induction hob.”

The hob is still sold in an updated version at IKEA in 2021.