Four round foldable coffee tables on castors, in different colours, two of the table tops are folded up.
Coffee table
Tord Björklund
EUR 14.90

The BOGEN trolley table was an ideal piece of furniture for anyone who lived in a small space. The small, round table on castors folded up and could easily be hung on the wall or put away, for example behind a door.

The table was made completely of metal. It had three legs, one of which was extended as a handle with a round knob. BOGEN was made in several colours including white, yellow, black and anthracite. It was designed by Tord Björklund, one of the most productive designers at IKEA in the 1980s and ’90s. He stressed the importance of Scandinavian design in his own creation: “Scandinavian design has a simplicity that it’s natural for me to work with. It’s as natural as adapting the design to modern materials, industrial production and functional needs.”

When BOGEN was launched in the 1986 IKEA catalogue, it quickly became very popular and remained in the catalogue for another eight years.