Small table with triangular top, IKEA PEGGY.
IKEA of Sweden
EUR 1.95

PEGGY was launched in the 1957 catalogue as “The little table you can sit on”. Its low height of 41 cm meant it could double up as a stool, which was both sturdy and durable. Moreover, several tables could be stacked on top of each other. Further on in the same catalogue, the table appeared again in a set of three named PLUTO, with the call to “Put me wherever you want!”

The triangular table top was made by Skåne company Perstorp, which in 1950 had launched a new kind of laminated top that had an extremely durable surface.

Ingvar Kamprad wrote about PEGGY and PLUTO himself in the catalogue: “There are few things we would recommend more for your home. … A particularly sturdy and supported design means you can also use PLUTO as a stool. A brilliant idea you should definitely try.”