CYLINDER candle holder 1982.
Candle holder
Knut Hagberg/Marianne Hagberg
EUR 1–1.60

The CYLINDER candle holders came in various colours and heights, simply yet stylishly designed by sibling designers Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg. They got the idea for the candle holders when they visited a supplier who manufactured metal furniture. There was a lot of leftover material, so Knut and Marianne began to ponder.

“We noticed there was a lot of waste and thought it could be utilised. So we drew a straight cylinder with weight at the bottom for stability,” says Marianne Hagberg. She and her brother, Knut Hagberg, designed over 2,000 products during their 41 years at IKEA. Whether it was a candle holder or a sofa, it was always with good design, smart functionality, and durable quality at a very low price.

CYLINDER was created in the 1980s, a decade when IKEA wanted to strengthen its design and put its own stamp on the products. “There was a great sense of freedom and playfulness in the 1980s. Bright colours were mixed like the Memphis Group, materials were mixed, there was a lot of chrome, and visible structures became a thing. A fun and honest time,” says Knut.

The metal scrap in the factory was transformed, based on the siblings’ sketches, into simple, cylindrical candle holders. They were sold in three different sizes and were first introduced in the 1982 IKEA catalogue under the apt name CYLINDER, available in colours such as white, red and silver.

The sleek design is probably a significant reason why the candle holders have remained popular. Smart, practical and affordable products rarely go out of style. The cylindrical candle holders have been re-released at IKEA several times, including under the name TYNGDKRAFT. The latest edition was released in 2023, in discreet purple, clear blue, green and bright orange, with the new name TUVKORNELL in the NYTILLVERKAD collection. The design was slightly modified – the candle holders, now made of steel, had a broader base and were made heavier so they were even more stable colour spots on the dining table.