Small black side table with a handle, BURVIK.
Side table
Mikael Axelsson
EUR 29

“Move me around!” This is what designer Mikael Axelsson wanted BURVIK to communicate. BURVIK is a small side table with a handle, that can easily be moved to wherever it’s most needed at the moment. Perfect for a cup fo tea, a book or a laptop.

Designer and engineer Mikael Axelsson has studied design in Sweden, Spain and New Zealand. He was employed as a designer at IKEA in 2013. He created the BURVIK table to meet the needs of a flexible living space where many different activities take place. So it was important that BURVIK had a distinct handle and wasn’t too heavy to lift. It should be big enough for a magazine or a laptop, but easy to move with one hand. Another important design aspect was the raised edge, to prevent what’s on it sliding off when the table is being moved.

Assembling BURVIK should be as simple as moving the finished table around – this is why there are no loose fittings, the screws are integrated into the legs.

BURVIK won a Good Design Award in 2018 and is still sold at IKEA in 2021.