Low chrome-plated bed-ends, KROMVIK, attached to sprung mattress.
Knut Hagberg
EUR 59

The chrome-plated KROMVIK bed-end was designed to enhance the function and appearance of the SULTAN sprung mattress, a historic best seller at IKEA. SULTAN needed practical, functional, good-looking bed-ends to really come into its own. This is where KROMVIK came into the picture.

The KROMVIK bed-end was produced in a high and a low version. This meant the customer could choose whether SULTAN had two high ends, two low ends, or one of each. The KROMVIK – SULTAN combination was a sales success.

IKEA has a rule that all the beds in its range should be named after Norwegian places. Thankfully, there is a Norwegian place called KROMVIK – and it’s the perfect name for a chrome bed-end. KROMVIK was launched across a whole spread in the 1982 IKEA catalogue. It stayed in the catalogue right up to the 1994 edition.