Young Swedish Design 2022

7 February 2022–8 January 2023

Grandmother of Cats – Dressed drunk, Hanna Linnea Ryd.

The Young Swedish Design 2022 touring exhibition shows 25 projects by up-and-coming young designers. It showcases everything from innovative fashion, to traditional handicraft techniques in a modern guise. Meet the stars of tomorrow, today!

Since 1998, Young Swedish Design has been the most important forum for young designers. Participants are selected by a jury, and the exhibition highlights 25 works chosen from hundreds of entries – from furniture, fashion, arts and crafts, to architecture, industrial design and graphic design. IKEA Museum is proud to produce this year’s exhibition, which is touring to five Swedish cities.

Tour schedule.
Tour schedule: 7 February–20 March, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm. 31 March–30 April, Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå. 30 May–3 July, Dunkers Kulturhus/H22, Helsingborg. 24 September–6 November, Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg. 19 November–8 January 2023, Form/Design Center, Malmö

“Young Swedish Design is an important platform for curious young designers, and it shows the many ways design can be expressed. As the producer, we are proud and delighted to help spread innovative design to the many people.”

– Anna Sandberg Falk, Curator IKEA Museum

Social Material, Vendela Wetterström.
Social Material, Vendela Wetterström.
Fireplace, Ingrid Segring Björklund.
Fireplace, Ingrid Segring Björklund.
Cube, Gergely Kovacs.
/kju:b/(cube), Gergely Kovacs.
“My contribution to Young Swedish Design is a cabinet with an ornamental silhouette. Designing ornaments is an aesthetic handicraft that signals the value of the cabinet and its contents. Conveying the value of the object is pivotal for me as a designer, a way of coming out against the throw-away culture.” – Matilda Hunyadi, winner of the IKEA Scholarship, Young Swedish Design 2022

“Young Swedish Design is a recognition and an amazing opportunity for me to reach out. I could never have imagined as a child that I’d win an IKEA Scholarship! IKEA has been a favourite of mine since I was young, and it inspired me to be a furniture designer.”

– Matilda Hunyadi, winner of the IKEA Scholarship, Young Swedish Design 2022

Meet the young designers and groups that feature in the exhibition

Gergely Kovacs, Misc., Joséphine Rapp Thomas, Kalabalik, Ali Akbari, Lotta Sahlin, Gustav Winsth, Kajsa Willumsen, Ingrid Segring Björklund, BUTCH X FEMME, Hanna Linnea Ryd, Hanna Hjalmarsson, Matthew Ashton, Malin Pierre, Elinor Parra, Vidar Francke, Klara Gardtman, Kajsa Bornedal, Klara Knutsson, Matilda Hunyadi, Andreas Berggren, Klara Helin, Therése Sirenius, Vendela Wetterström, Elsa Unnegård.

The Young Swedish Design exhibition 2022 is a co-production between Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and IKEA Museum. The project is presented in association with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, City of Malmö, and a raft of exhibition organisers and scholarship providers.