Sketches of construction and design hanging on boards and two people are working on new sketches around the table.

Step into the shoes of an IKEA designer and create your own prototype of something that enables you, or the many people, to live a better everyday life. Everything we do in the workshop is based on the five principles of Democratic Design, namely achieving form, function, quality and sustainability, at a low price.

The workshop gives participants insight into designing for circularity, and how one can help the many people live a healthier and more sustainable life at home. For example, IKEA believes that, in the words of Ingvar Kamprad, “Waste of resources is a mortal sin”. Therefore, participants are challenged and required to use sustainable materials and, ultimately, to ensure that their product fits in a flatpack! The workshop also looks at Swedish history as a way to gain a better understanding of IKEA and its basic values.


Available: Year-round
Time: 4 hours
Price: 3,000 SEK
Venue: At IKEA Museum, as an outreach event at your location or online via suitable project software.

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