Floor lamp with three lamp shades in red, green and yellow, IKEA TRINETT.
Floor lamp
IKEA of Sweden
EUR 4.90

The TRINETT floor lamp was called “a colourful source of joy” when it was launched in the 1957 IKEA catalogue. The cluster floor lamp had one red, one yellow and one green shade on a black foot and felt very modern. Three-headed floor lamps like this were popular in the 1950s.

It was made at Örsjö Armaturfabrik, a lighting factory in Nybro. The fact that the name ended in -ETT was no coincidence; in 1953 there were the LAMPETT and VINJETT lamps, and many IKEA lamps were given names that ended with these three letters.

When IKEA celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2018, an updated version of TRINETT was launched under the name KNÄSJÖ. The modern one was sold for a limited period at IKEA, with white lampshades rather than red, yellow and green like in the 1950s.