The Main Exhibition at the IKEA Museum is divided into three themes: Our Roots, Our Story and Your Stories. Would you like to explore a subject that IKEA is particularly interested in right now? Then don't miss our Temporary Exhibition. It's updated twice a year. 

our roots

Our roots

The young Ingvar Kamprad wanted to sell furniture and accessories that were well-designed, worked well and were affordable. What inspired him?  Where did his desire to create a better everyday life for the many people come from?

We take closer look at everyday life in 19th century Småland, Ingvar Kamprad's childhood on Elmtaryd Farm, and the 20th century transformation of Swedish society where a new vision of home led the way. Our Roots explores the society, living conditions and spirit that prevailed in the Sweden that fostered a young boy's emerging business.


IKEA sees the light of day

One summer day in 1943 Ingvar Kamprad took off by bicycle to Bankaboda to see his main guardian. He carried with him a document from his father Feodor. It gave the young man permission to start a business. After some convincing, he got the document signed by the main guardian. He named the company IKEA.

Our story

Reflections, ideas, solutions, successes, failures and lesson learned - some of the many things that have shaped IKEA and continue to drive it forwards. This is what you'll find in the Our Story section, where we start with the opening of the very first IKEA store in 1958 and then take a look at what's happened over the years.

At this part of the exhibition you can also grab a copy of the cover of this year's IKEA Catalogue – with you on it!


An instant classic

IKEA PS is an innovative range of modern, everyday furniture, firmly rooted in Scandinavian design. The first collection was launched in 1995, including the IKEA PS Klocka, by the designer Thomas Eriksson: "IKEA PS 1995 clock has a shape that looks like an old Swedish grandfather clock from the province of Dalarna or a guitar.” Since 1999 the IKEA PS Klocka is part of the collections of the Nationalmuseum in Sweden. A unique mini version is for sale in the IKEA Museums shop. 
To this day 164 designers have worked with and for the PS collection, in all 489 products.

Your stories

People use IKEA products in many different ways. In the Your Stories section, we visit the homes of a few folks who have kindly shared their stories and shown us the ways they use BILLY bookcase and KLIPPAN sofa.

Contributions have been collected via a blog.  Meet the shoe collector and the Barbie buff, the family baking the gingerbread KLIPPAN and many others.


A long lasting children-friendly friendship 

KLIPPAN was introduced in 1980. How it got its looks mainly depends on two things. Cubist furniture was popular at the time. Furthermore, IKEA began putting more effort into children in the home. Hence the uncluttered design, the practical construction and the removable and washable covers. There have been more than 100 different covers for KLIPPAN since the start.



Textile Playground

New temporary exhibition from 3 June 

Create your own patterns. Discover tomorrow's smart fabrics. Say hello again to classic textile patterns from IKEA. Sew your own bag. There’s lots to do for both young and old at the Textile Playground exhibition. The exhibition opens on Saturday 3 June.

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The shop

Indulge yourself or buy gifts for your friends and family. A lot of the things on sale here can not be bought anywhere else.

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The IKEA Museum School Programme focuses on three areas: entrepreneurship, technology and design, history and society. Welcome!

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